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OraculeTang Space is called in honor of the unique
exhibit developed by Dmitry Volkov, the co-founder
of SDVentures holding in cooperation with the conceptual
artist Oleg Kulik — the huge speaking technological sculpture,
symbiosis of the orangutan and the robot weighing two tons for
presented at the BAM Visual ART. Still the
orakultang-philosopher, as well as all of us today,
spent the days within rigid restrictions: behind bars, literally
this word. The territory of absolute freedom will become
the new habitat of the wise prophet: creativity,
self-realization, search of the ideas and adherents —
OraculeTang Space territory.

Fueled by creativity and driven by innovation,
the culture of Social Discovery Ventures is a dynamic collision
of art and technology.

Mission & Vision

Social Discovery Ventures is the international umbrella brand for group of technology and software engineering companies which provide platforms for social discovery, personal development, and online entertainment. We invest into, develop and support a range of B2C internet projects and brands under the framework of social discovery. Some of those projects are online dating, the finding of travel companions, social games, language learning and practicing communities etc.

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OraculeTang Space

OraculeTang Space — coworking where innovators, entrepreneurs
and the most creative professionals meet to exchange ideas.

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